UnThink – Epic fail so far

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Unthink launched beta yesterday, and the server has gone down twice.

Where to start? Don’t get me wrong, I applaud 2 things here:

  1. Bringing awareness and options to social networking and our privacy
  2. Having the balls to publicly announce to take down Facebook

If you are alive and using Facebook, then I’m sure that you have heard about the “Privacy Issue.” Let me sum:

  • The Terms of Service clearly states that facebook can change it anything and everything at any time. Meaning, they’re already lack privacy protection
  • You do not “own” anything that you post on Facebook. Meaning, once it’s on the server, it is always there. Even if you deactivate your account. They still have every status update, tag, photo, everything.
  • Facebook doesn’t directly sell your info perhaps, but they sell your actions to advertisers to zero in on you. Google has been doing this for years, just not as precise.
  • Did you know that FB uses face recognition software? It does. Roll that around your noggin for a bit and think about the implications.

Anyway, back to Unthink. Here’s what I don’t like:

  1. Stupid name. If the point is to take action to protect your privacy rights, and choose an alternative platform for social networking, wouldn’t it make a hell of lot more sense to have named it THINK? By going along with the FB wave, you are going with the flow – not thinking. The name sucks. Love the “UT” logo, though.
  2. Beta launch means you have a lot of control over how many people you can have sign up. You don’t have control over how many people visit the site to check it out, but if your plan is to take on a giant, you should be way overprepared. How incredibly amateur does it make your business look if you can’t keep with traffic in the first 2 days of beta launching. Give me your lunch money, nerdsauce!
  3. The launch video is just plain laughable. I think they rounded up some of the strangest looking and unconvincing people to shoot a video. Check out the 80’s haircuts (not in the “let’s bring the 80’s back hipster style), but the, “I’m actually really stuck in the 80’s” way. Also, the point of the video is to inspire people to be greater (?) – what does that have to do with Unthink? No, seriously, can someone answer me that question?

So wtf am I actually saying? Should you go check out Unthink? I would say, it definitely couldn’t hurt, just don’t expect it to change the world as it claims it is going to do. You should do what you think is best? …or unthink is best…or… that name sucks!

Oh, and good luck getting on the site, even with an invite, you will be hard pressed to hit it just right when the servers are actually keeping the site live.

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