Sell Everything You Own (or that owns you)

the things you own end up owning you

The things you own end up owning you – Tyler Durden, Fight Club

In gearing up my first sale event (garage sale, if you will), I came up with some valuable tips and ideas to share with everyone. The first idea, or  thought, is to take your time. Many people get hopped up on this idea of becoming location independent, and feel the need to get rid of everything, cut ties, and set off on their adventure. Pump the brakes a bit. There is no reason to be rash about these decisions – after all, they will be some of the most important decisions you make in your life.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right – Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The hard decision should have already been made by now: you are committed to attaining your location independent lifestyle. Hopefully, you have told some people. If not, spread the word right now. Let’s call this a verbal accountability excersize. Just by telling other people that you are going to do something makes you that much more likely to follow through with it.

Good, let’s move on

One of the first steps that you should be taking is figuring out what you are going to do with all of your stuff. Are you going to sell it, donate it, store it, burn it? I will post a later article that gives you the options for how to dissipate your stuff, but for now, let’s focus on selling. Sell it all, sell it quick, and don’t look back! This process can be very stressful for many  reasons, so the quicker and easier, the better.

Yea, I get it. That pair of socks came from the one that got away. That’s cute. Now sell them. There will be a few things that you won’t be able to part with due to emotional attachment – that’s fine. Congratulations, you have feelings! You need to really ask yourself if these items are what you need to remember, or your memories. Memories are easier to store – and for us who do not have the best memories, well that’s what digital cameras are for.

I went through all of my stuff and sorted it out into 1 room. I took a picture of every single item (well, not the 200+ t-shirts)
and listed it all on Craigslist. I stated that I will be having a garage sale on a date 2 weeks away, but all the items are available to be purchased beforehand. I made sure to put a price next to each item. The goal is to sell most of these things before the garage sale date because, well, garage sales bring garage sale people. They are not going to pay the price that you want, and will try to lowball everything you have out there. Let’s just call a cat a cat.

Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience. And if it hurts, you know what? It’s probably worth it. – Richard, The Beach

What you need to take away from this sale experience is that the money is just the bonus. The real payoff is the release. You are making an effort to release yourself from the things that tie you down. Often these chains are much more mental than physical. This will also help you clarify the decision that you are making, and decide if it is right for you. If not, well now you have a lot more room in your house, and some money to fill it up with!

Have any good garage sale stories? Have you sold everything that own? How’d you do it? I would love to hear how other people went about selling their belongings.

Stay tuned! I will post an article listing some alternative methods to dispersing your stuff!


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