How to Order T-Shirts & Maximize Your Profits: Price Breaks



This is a guest post by NT Kustom – Check out the NT Kustom Website for more tips!


Every screen printer adjusts their prices according to the quantity of shirts ordered per design. This is because it takesĀ  about the same amount of time to setup a job and run 12 shirts, as it does 48 shirts. The setup and breakdown is the majority of the time spent on smaller orders. Again, if you would like to know the exact process of a t-shirt print, check out this post from NT Kustom: From Blank to BOSS: the Process of Printing a Shirt.
These price breaks are important, and don’thesitate to ask for a comparison. Sometimes it works out that if you added 5 shirts to your order, it would be less money!! Let me give you an example:

You place on order for 20 shirts for your bowling team. It is a Next Level tee, and has 2 colors on the front. Here is the price breakdown:

Setup: $40 ($20 per color)
Each Shirt: $9.20
Total Order: $224

If you added 4 more shirts to meet our price break, here is how the numbers breakdown:

Setup: $40
Each Shirt: $6.85
Total Order: $204.40

There you go! You actually save $20 AND get 4 more shirts! Hey you never know, maybe you will add to your roster now!