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I’m a few steps behind the bull on composing this post, but better late than never, right? I am participating in the Million Dollar Blog Project that is being hosted by The concept is to follow along with the ThinkTraffic team as they build a brand new authority blog, showing you every single step along the way. Everything form the blog topic, site platform, design, monetization, networking – you name it – will be open to the public to view. Everyone is encouraged, but not required, to build a site of their own and follow along with the team.

The Million Dollar part is the end goal – to build a network of sites that will eventually earn $1 Million collectively. It could happen fast, slow, never, but that is not the real point behind this project. The point is to show people how to build something successful from people who have a track record for doing that. This will be an extremely valuable lesson for anyone involved.

It’s not too late to get involved —>> How to Participate in the Million Dollar Blog Project + Share Your New Blog. While you are there, snoop around and network with people who share very similar interests to you.

If you are not familiar with ThinkTraffic, definitely go to the site and bounce around. It is jam packed with insanely useful tips, tricks, advice and very well written, straight forward value articles.

Here are some links to get you exactly where you want to go on the Thinktraffic site:

2 Responses to Million Dollar Blog Project by ThinkTraffic

  1. Ryan says:

    Hey dude, great site. Found you via Think Traffic’s MDBP. I’ve signed up under Theme wise i’m heading down the same route as you but with a slight emphasis on food, my second obession beyond travel. Good luck with everything! Ryan

    • admin says:

      OH no – 3rd post down “vegetarian/vegan.” Looks like I’m going to have to turn my GF onto your site. She’s a lifer. Vegetarian lifer.
      I’m really psyched for the next installation from the MDBP!! Best of luck and thanks for the comment!

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