GoPro HD Hero is amazing – review


I have owned the GoPro HD Hero for a while now, and it has never let me down. Here’s why:
The Pro’s

  • 1080 HD video capability
  • Wide angle lens
  • waterproof to 180 feet
  • super durable casing with 2 case backings (1 for sound, 1 for water use)
  • ability to attach it to virtually anything
  • Great battery life
  • Powers up very fast so you don’t miss an opportunity (see dust storm video)
  • Has sweet settings such as taking a picture every 2 sec, 5 sec….. – awesome when hiking

The Cons:

  • you can’t see what you are recording unless you purchase a separate piece, but I think that even that addition is not worth it
  • the wide angle is fierce in the highest setting, so you do get a spherical look to your video – can be a cool effect, though


For the price, you will not find a more durable, HD, and feature-full camera than the GoPro HD. There is no other outdoor/sports camera that can compete. There is no question why GoPro is the best-selling camera of its kind. They have dominated the market, and deserve the title. The camera comes with the infamous head strap which can be used in just about every application thinkable. I have also used this to wrap around my wrist when scuba diving – works great!

Do not hesitate! Buy your GoPro today, and thank me later!

One Response to GoPro HD Hero is amazing – review

  1. NT says:

    No doubt. This camera just rocks! Snowbaording, hiking, climbing, diving it kills it!

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