The Best Digital Camera – Sony TX-10


Without a doubt, the Sony TX-10 is the best camera out there for anything you can think of using it for. It’s 16mp, waterproof, slim, fast, and feature-rific!! I have owned this camera (actually 2) for over a year now, and I am about to go pick up a 3rd. Why 3? We’ll just say I am very rough on my electronics.

I am not going to weigh down this post with specs. They are all listed here if you want to see all the details. I have taken this camera on hikes, snorkeling, scuba diving, camping, to weddings, horseback riding, in a helicopter, and many more places. Basically, if there was a testing application for a digital camera, I did it with this camera. Having a waterproof camera on vacation is indispensable! You never know when you may be in the ocean, lake or wherever, or when it may rain, or candid shower pics (what?).

Also, I had mentioned “fast” earlier. This is really important to me when selecting a camera, and is one of the main reasons why I first chose the Sony TX-10. I am spontaneous, and therefore my picture taking is as well. I need to be able to pull a camera out, and have it fired up and taking a picture within seconds. This way you can catch those in-the-moment slices of life.

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