Couchsurfing Lesson 1


Couchsurfing- WTF is it? You can read what CS has to say about it on their About Page, bit to sum: A network of people who are looking to host others, people looking to travel and stay for a night or 2,¬† and a gathering coordinating site for like-minded individuals. You don’t have to host others to be a surfer, and vice versa. You can even set your account up to read “meet for a drink/coffee.”

So, I’m brand new to CS, and I thought it would be a rad way to just dive into the community by hosting an event. I threw together a Happy Hour Social @ a favorite watering hole here in town, Macayo’s and just gave it a go. Here’s what I took away from¬† it:

  • You will meet some very interesting people, and will most likely connect on some level. CS attracts people of similar interests.
  • Just by engaging with people on CS you can learn a lot about travel, networking, and different walks of life
  • Unfortunately, I have to say that the CS community is very flaky. There were 14 people who said they were 100% attending the event. Of those 14, only 3 showed up. I really don’t understand that since you have the option of choosing “maybe,” AND you can even put a % of your chances of actually make it.
  • Honesty is the most important element to include when writing your profile AND when requesting a couch
  • Just by breaking out of your regular cycle, you will learn a lot about yourself. – check out this article posted by @JenSlim about breaking out of the norm
  • Apparently the event system on CS is not widely used. Usually people just post a bulletin in their Groups. In the future I will do both, and add a Facebook Event page wince it is easier to communicate

I had fun, and I’m going to do it again. In fact, I am hosting another event next Wed, and may keep it as an ongoing weekly meetup. Have a suggestion for where we should meet for some Happy Hour-ing? Post it in the comments section! Connect with me on twitter so we can coordinate our hats and shoes.

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  1. Hmerologia says:

    CS is a great way to visit other places and meet interesting people, participate on interesting activities and travel an a cheap way. I’m a member for sometime and i really enjoy it. Since i live in a very small town i enjoy hosting travelers and meet new different cultures. Until today, though i never use it for finding a place to sleep.

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